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Taiwan's richest woman Cher Wang made the computer core of China

Reporter Zhao Yuan reported yesterday on the news in Beijing Chang'an Avenue mansion, Cher Wang accepted the reporter an interview.

When she came, driving a BMW car with the identity line, but this is her only in the mainland to enjoy the luxury as well as her specially selected products from the mainland of the car. In Taiwan, Cher Wang was driving a Toyota bought ten years ago to now has not changed, she smiled cheerfully told reporters: "I do not pay attention to them, since that very open, why replace it go to waste? "

Ganpin not want to start a penny father Wang

About Cher Wang, difficult to leave his father, Wang Yung-ching, or even most of the articles on Cher Wang, are "Wang's daughter" as the title. In this regard, Cher Wang is sometimes "frustrated" to jokes, "No way, my father's career is too long!"

However, Cher Wang said she now has no pressure from this status, on the contrary, the father who's dedicated, patriotic blood had transmitted to her: "My father did the plastic, petrochemical industry, I have to do is electronic, However, he saw me, will tell me to do high-tech must be innovative, stand in the world trend of cutting-edge. "

Wang Yung-ching, the famous boss of the Formosa Plastics Group to good management of large enterprises and famous the world, the "god of business" reputation, is a heavyweight in the global Chinese business district. VIA Cher Wang is the chairman of his third daughter.

So strong is the father of Quedui daughter "Stingy," Cher Wang he did not give any material assistance. In 1992, the founder of VIA, Cher Wang sent to the house with his mother as collateral to get 5 million from the Bank of NT (about 100 million yuan) loans, this is Cher Wang received from the family business when the only indirect support. The next 10 years, Cher Wang is not from her father took a penny, even in VIA's most difficult time.

Teens, Cher Wang would be his father into the United States to study, "My father did not give me any money other than reading, may be precisely because of this, I was thinking about how to get more profit." In an interview process , by Cher Wang is the most emphasized word, "Chinese people are very intelligent and diligent, invented many of the most sophisticated things, such as gunpowder, paper, why do the Chinese keep up in Europe and the United States when the technology behind it?" her thumb and index finger than painted, if only to do with the technology behind them, they can only earn "a little" of the profits.

In 1992, Cher Wang founded VIA Technologies of Taiwan, began to realize their dream of IT, R & D production of the most critical components on the motherboard --- chips. A few years later, she set up a R & D center in mainland China, in 1997, second only to Intel, VIA become world's second largest chipset suppliers, and continue to receive world-class manufacturers of the order.

Daring to do a VIA CPU to save 20 trees

Cher Wang's love saves, achievements of her career. VIA's competitors is one of the famous Intel. However, the team owned by Cher Wang and price advantages of energy-saving technologies, VIA chipset products into the market after the great success, once accounted for 70% of global market share.

"Intel is a worthy opponent, but certainly not cost-effective VIA lost it." Cher Wang picked up purposely around with about 32 open mini-computer, "That which is the latest chip developed on such a point of great function is very powerful, energy is very small, which in the world, are among the most advanced! "

Cher Wang not shy about his own chip and competitors. "Feels is not hot, with a VIA CPU, power consumption is about one third of Intel, which is the result of energy conservation." She once had an account counting, if a company's 100 computer using a VIA CPU, a year can save electricity 4,800 yuan, "China has 80 million units of Intel computer, a year consumed 4 billion yuan of electricity, 700 million computers worldwide, the average work 200 days a year , if you use energy-saving chips, you can reduce the construction of the world's 14 nuclear power plants. "

"Power to rely on combustion of raw materials, carbon dioxide produced by burning need to plant trees to absorb." Cher Wang then calculated that a special account, to sell a ADM's CPU, 20 species of trees need to not destroy the air, Intel sold a need to species, 24 trees, sold a VIA with only 4 trees planted. Cher Wang said that the development of technology and computers can not let the environment become increasingly worse, so she has launched a global event: the sale of every one CPU, would kind of return of 4 trees to the environment.

Dared to take the world along with China's technology

Women Alone Cher Wang said, business at the beginning, she and her colleagues have a "vision" --- to build a control in the hands of the Chinese IT industry chain, and now this "vision" has just achieved.

Cher Wang of the competitors are ringing the international giants, in addition to Intel, as well as Nokia, Motorola mobile phone giants such.

"Girls like us are not like a heavy notebook, but often depends on a number of E-mail and so on. I wanted to, could make something to, you can carry, they also have the phone and computer most of the functions, so that we do not need to take time out of cell phone, laptop and other things so complicated. "Cher Wang, when these thoughts arise, PDA, smart phones and the like are not even the concept, it was after 1997 things.

Thus, Cher Wang of the idea, so one called "HTC" independent new business was born. At this time, Microsoft has just released WinCE operating system, but Microsoft is willing to cooperate and not many manufacturers, but the Honda took a fancy to a smooth climbing this tree.

A few years, Europe's top six carriers, such as O2, Orange, T-Mobile, the three major operators in North America has become a partner of HTC. "Our vision is to make China's technology in the world is leading to Europe and the United States to go along with our technology," Cher Wang picked up a side of smart phones is beginning to "show off": this machine in Europe, the United States can both on the magazine cover, "Bill Gates said that he saw the most advanced cell phone!"

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